WART- cause, types and top 6 Homeopathic medicines


Wart is a  abnormal skin condition caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection .This  Virus has more than 150 type of strain, out of which few causes wart. Some strains acquired by sexual contact and mostly by close skin contact and sharing of personal belongings as towel , undergarment, cloths etc of infected person.
Person with weak immune system get affected easily. Depending on clinical appearance and location they are of five (5) types……

1. Common wart (Verucca vulgaris)- These are common wart, will be multiple, less than of 1cm in size, firm, elevated papule. These are occurring onWart On Hand dorsal surface of hands and finger.

2. Flat wart (verucca palana)- These warts are common on face and dorsal surface of hand.

3. Plantar  (verucca palntaris) – Occur on sole of foot covered with thick callus.

4.Epidermodysplasia veruci formis – It has familial occurrence and may under go malignant change.

5. Condyloma accuminatum – These are commonly known as veneral or anogenital wart which occurs on penis , on vulva, around anus. It appeared as soft, papillary, cauliflower like mass growth.


Homeopathic science provides very safe and great treatment for this with its totally natural , pure medicines which cure it without leaving any side effect and any chance of re occurrence.

  • Nitric acid – Those warts which are very sensitive to touch resultly causes bleeding and much itching. Generally this medicines has great work in complaints occuring at outlet of body where skin and mucous membrane meet together as anus, corners of mouth, external nostril. Nitric acid is very irritable personality get easily angry from noise.Here the fissures form in many places; canthi, corners of the mouth above and arround the anus;the skin cracks and all these have the splinter like sensation.
  • Causticum – Will be of great use when warts present especially on face , eyelids. They are large , jagged and bleed easily(same as nitric acid). Warts will be more of fleshy in nature. Causticum will also cure the soreness present in the folds of skin as in between thighs, behind the ears, inner side of elbow joint. In case of old burns which are not getting well will be healed from it.
  • Antim crudum – One of the great medicine for numerous skin complaints.If you are suffering from horny, painful wart on sole this is great medicine of use. Antim crudum will cure warts when present with corn on sole with great tenderness. Along with these corn it may also cure the case of nail brittleness which grown out of shape. Generally these constitutions are worse from heat, in evening, from washing but they feel better in open air, during rest.
  • Thuja – Top most medicine for wart which are large , pedunculated arising on any part of body. It works best for genital area wart. It has specific action skin and genito-urinary organ where it produces wart like excrescences on mucous and skin surfaces.
  • Lycopodium and Dulcamara- These medicines treat facial warts . The warts of dulcamara are large , flat and smooth and of lycopodium are pedunculated , small which are present on chin.
  • Sepia – This medicine holds good for warts on head along with hairfall.Where as it affects the venous circulation especially of the FEMALE PELVIC ORGANS;of portal system and of digestive tract. causing great looseness and bearing down sensation in general.Mentally these persons are very INDIFFERENT to loved ones and also has great aversion to work or occupation. Sepia persons easily get ameliorated from exercise, pressure,warmth of bed and hot application generally.

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  1. Hi Dr, i am 22 years old, suffering from warts on my right side of face which are disturbing my confidence…i tried many medicine but result was always temporary.Can there is there any medicine u suggest which give me relief permanently.I used thuja 30 medicine for 3 months adviced by someone but no result, please tell any effective medicine.

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