TOOTHACHE- 8 Best Homeopathic Medicines


Toothache is supposed to be one of the most severe painful condition from which a person can  suffer during his life time. In India we are very careless regarding our oral or dental hygiene. We would not take it seriously until it becomes a serious problem. Certain bad habits like eating pan, masala, gutkha , eating too much sugar, too much acidic drinks , improper cleaning of teeth may act as triggering or causing factor of  this.

The problem may occur as sensitivity of teeth from taking any type of cold or warm thing, after having ice-cream, tea , coffee . It may be so severe that is unable to place one teeth on other. The reason may be cavities of teeth, loosening of gums, after tooth extraction and cleaning of teeth all these conditions causes exposure of nerve . Whatever be the reason of pain ,the homeopathic natural medicine will  do its best if taking according to the symptom similarity.



COFFEA CRUDA- It has the chief action over the nerves, neuralgic pain, in toothache it gives much relief in the symptom when the person feels amelioration in his severe agonizing pain of tooth by holding cold or ice-water in mouth. But here the pain returns as soon as the cold water becomes warm. In these cases it will cure with much ease. It also acts chiefly for the bad effects from sudden emotions, surprises and joy.


HEKLA-LAVA- This great medicine is made from the ash of volcanos. After the potentization its inert curative power aroused to treat diseases. Talking about its sphere of action, it has marked action on the gums, teeth, jaw bone, oral abscesses. It has great work in caries of teeth’s with severe pain that radiates to the face, may be after tooth extraction. Great work when there is swelling of gums with abscess of gums and associated pain.


KREOSOTE- If having any tooth related problem think of this remedy first. It has wide action on gums, teeth, mucous membrane of mouth, where it cures severe neuralgic tooth pain, bleeding gums. The gums are chiefly bluish-red in color, becomes very soft and spongy and inflamed. Get easily bleed on pressure and while eating. Very accurately works in child dentine problem, where teeth began to decay as soon as they starts to appear or any type of tooth related problem.


MAGNESIUM- PHOS- Constitutionally this medicine has neuralgic type of pain which are relieved by something warm. Here the character of pain is, it come suddenly and leaves body quickly like lightening of thunderstorm. The pain is of severely cutting and sharp type, patient feels the toothache mainly during night which shifts rapidly from one side of tooth to other. Should be think of mag-phos in toothache from taking anything cold and have amelioration from warm thing.


PLANTAGO- Great medicine of use when person feels pain between teeth and ears. Here the toothache are associated with great sensitivity of teeth and soreness to touch with having great salivation always. Think of this medicine when toothache becomes worse from cold air, from contact but better from eating. Think of this medicine when toothache is presented with associated symptoms of neuralgia in eyelids.


PULSATILLA- Constitutionally this medicine is of weak and  weeping nature. It is chiefly prescribed in female complaints, having changeability is its characteristic in mental state, discharges, site of pain etc. Pulsatilla person love open air places which gives relief in nearly all complaints. In toothache the symptom get worse from anything warm, even from entering into warm room and have relief from cold thing and open air.


THUJA- This medicine is very commonly used in cases of warts, which are large one and pedunculated. It has great work from bad effects of vaccination. In toothache which is due to teeth decay from roots. Decay causes exposure of nerves causing sensitiveness of the nerve of teeth. Think of this remedy when toothache occur especially after tea drinking. The decay of tooth starts from roots but crown is remain unaffected.


MERCURIUS- Every organ and tissues of the body are more or less being affected by this medicine. Person feels the pulsating type of pain due to inflamed gums and sockets of teeth. Remarkably active in pain of hollow of teeth.

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