I was suffering from this skin disease since last 3 year. During this I tried almost all the medicine including homeopathy but only got slight relief of few months , which return after a period of time with greater intensity always. There was great itching and burning which did not let me alone for a moment, I was always busy in scratching here and there. I loosed my complete hope and spend lots of money. But after the treatment from Dr.Aditya from last one and half year year , I am totally cured from my disease. I follow the complete treatment and his advices and really get the result. So, I recommend other to consult for their disease ( Translated from Hindi to English).


I felt embarrassed when anyone shake hand and ask for wart that was present on back of my hand. I really hesitate to shake hand. Some one of family member advice me for laser therapy but I was feared of this one and its pros and cons. Then a friend of mine told me about this clinic , I rush to his clinic within 2 days and started my treatment. Initially for 1 month warts were as it is, no relief was there but Dr. Aditya assured me of complete recovery. Sure it happened after 1 month with slow recovery and it get totally being vanished within 4 months of complete treatment. Now regained my confidence.


I am a student of 11th stander, because of ugly patches right on my face, I used to skip my class regularly. I tried lots of cream and lotion and medicine, after the application they vanish completely but returns on 1-2 weeks of time. I was totally fedup of its reoccurrence. Now after taking medicine from Dr. Aditya , my facial ugly patches gone and there is no reoccurrence since from last 6 months. Treatment was very accurate and result was very speedy. I recommend this clinic to other for their complete skin related issues.


from the pain on my right leg I was in great trouble and it was impossible for me to sit with crossed leg or walk for more than 15 minutes continuously, or lying in any position. Intense, pulling and intolerable pain felt on back of my right leg. I was suffering from this since last one and half year after I met with an injury on my back. Doctor told me there is nerve compression . Pain subsides only after taking medicine and had to took medicine on routine basis. But a miracle I call it, happen after taking medicines from Dr. Aditya’s homoeopathic clinic and within 2 months of treatment, my complete pain and all its effect gone. Now I am totally being happy and free from torture of pain.

I am 24 year boy, working as mechanic in a motor garage. Was suffering from severe one sided headache with nausea- vomiting and giddiness-vertigo since from last 4-5 years. During this period taken all expert advice and treatment. With the lapse of time only doses and treatment changed but the relief was temporary. I also got my eyes tested and had spects but no relief I got. Doctor told me it is migraine and you have to take medicine when ever pain occurs.After taking complete treatment from Dr. Aditya’s homoeopathic clinic , i got relief in starting 2 months and complete cure in 7 months of treatment . Now all my symptoms headache, nausea etc… along with weak eyesight got improved. Great thanks to him, now homoeopathy is in my first preference for any health related issue.