STYE- causes,symptoms and best 8 Homeopathic medicines of stye

Stye-inflammation of eyelids

Stye is the inflammatory condition of the eyelids. The lids become red, swelled, painful with formation of bump look likes small boil or pimple, consisting of pus sometime, near the edges of the eyelids. These bumps can form inside as well as outside of the lids. Generally this type of inflammation occur due to blockage of oil gland which are present in eyelids by the bacteria, dead skin cells, dust.

The mucus secretions from the oil glands of eyelids helps eyes to keep it moist always and also to expel out or drain out all the foreign substance as dust, sand etc from the eyes.

Normally the stye start as a small red bump or pimple at corner of eyelashes which becomes red and painful with little increase in its size. With the time period of 7-10 days it get open up and the pus( if present ) get come out and get healed by itself without any medical intervention.These styes may form on outer side of eyelid as on inner side as well.

The repeated clogging of oil gland or follicles of eyelashes may result into repeated stye formation which ultimately get hardened as stone or cyst like structure around the stye known as CHALAZION. It is less painful, hard cyst like structure, reduced redness with less or no pus in it.


Symptoms of Stye- these below symptoms can tell you…..

  • Swelling of eyelid
  • Pain in eye and eyelid
  • Redness
  • Formation of crust at the margins of eyelids
  • Glue like, mucus discharge from eyes
  • Great sensitivity from the light
  • Sensation of some sand or gravel in eyes


Best 8 Homeopathic Medicines of “STYE”

Homeopathic medicines works best in the cases of simple stye and indurated or cystic stye. There are several natural medicines which will give results without any side effect if given according to symptoms of totality of a particular case.

Apis- Preferably given in cases of swelling of skin and mucous membrane. Apis will relieve symptoms of stye , when there is swelling, redness and great pain of lids. The pain will be of stinging type as some thing pointed is picking inside. There is associated great burning with pain. The person may complain that tears he feel as if hot water is flowing. This medicine is effective chiefly in lower eyelid stye. The pain and burning in eyes become worse from hot or warm water application and feel relief from cold water.


Conium mculatum- It would be the great medicine of choice when he is complaining of sensitivity of eyes towards light. He is unable to open eyes in light whether natural or artificial. With the sensitivity towards light there will be profuse lachrymation(tears) every time he open eyes. Should also be think when swelling of lids are minimal but the sensitivity towards light is maximum. Great medicine for hard, cyst like swelling with least pain.


Graphitis- When stye presented itself with symptoms like margins of eyelids are red, swollen with presence of dry scales and crust. The discharge from the eyes get dried up into crust. Patient may have feeling of sensitivity towards the artificial light. The crust present on the lid may give appearance of eczema of lid.


Hepar-sulph- It is a great constitutional medicine in those in whom every injury tend to suppurate easily. Here there is great inflammation, redness, swelling of eyelids. The stye must be presented with small or large boil consisting of pus in it. These above complain of eye may be presented with severe pain in lids and eyeball, as the eye ball are being pulled back into the head. Because of the pain eyeball are sensitive to touch. Patient may feel that the vision is disturbed while reading.

Pulsatilla- Should be think when there is secretion of thick, profuse and yellow color pus like discharge from eyes. Because of the thick discharge the eyelids get stick(agglutinate) together especially in morning. The lids would be swelled with presence of severe itching in lids margin. Along with above complain the lachrymation (tears) will come out from eyes all the time. It is the great medicine for stye of upper eyelid. The symptoms of stye in pulsatilla get worse from warm application, closed hot room and relieved from open air, cold room.


Silicea- Must be think about this medicine when stye is with large boil with great pus in it. The eyes are very sensitive towards the daylight which causes pain in eye. Eyes here are painful to touch and also when he attempted to close the eye.


Staphysagria- One of the great medicine for recurrent stye. Patient complains that he has the tendency of repeated stye. As soon as one heals the other is ready to come there. His eyes are always loaded with styes. The margins of eye lids are very itchy, always scratching to get relief. Great medicine for this affecting mainly the inner side of eyelids and upper eyelid. These recurrent stye converted into hard , cystic nodule on lid.


Sulphur- When patient is complaining that his eyes are burning like hot coal with severe itching in eyes, then this medicine will surely help in case. The great itching is relieved while scratching but after that much burning is there and the margins of eye lashes get ulcerated because of scratching. He always feels that there is sand inside the eyelid because of eruptions under the lids.

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