Sciatica- causes, symptoms and best 14 Homeopathic medicines for SCIATICA


Sciatica is a type of nerve pain that feel along the sciatic nerve. One of the longest nerve found in humans and other vertebrate animals. This sciatic nerve is a branch of nerve of lower back, and it runs from lower back to buttocks to hips to back of the legs to calf muscle to end at foot. When this nerve get damaged or compressed or get irritated along its course then the pain will occur.

The pain is of mild to severe kind affecting mostly one side of leg. The pain may feel like a electric shock, throbbing or in some person like tearing type with associated numbness, tingling, weakness, heaviness and burning of the affected leg.

Normally the different medical conditions such as herniation of lower back vertebrae, injury to vertebrae (or lower back), after fall or accident, due to degenerative changes in vertebrae, stenosis of lower vertebrae are some of the reasons that may cause irritation or compression to sciatic nerve along its course resulting into pain.


Aconite- most acute remedy for the complain of sciatic pain. There is sensation of numbness and tingling in the affected legs. Some patient complains of shooting pain with icy coldness of the leg. On examination we find that the hands are hot and feets are cold in acute sciatic pain. It is the great remedy for the sciatic nerve pain when associated with rheumatic inflammation of joints which becomes worse at night, red, shiny and very sensitive to touch.

Aesculus- when sciatic pain is presented with backache. The backache causing feeling of severe pain in the region of lower portion of vertebral column and hips. Where as the sciatic pain and backache becomes worse from walking, stooping and when rising from sitting position. It is the great medicine for congestion especially on lower bowel area producing hemorrhoids without any constipation.

Ammonium- Mur- constitutionally this medicine is adapted for fat and sluggish persons those have respiratory problems. In sciatic pain there is affection of mainly the left leg; where patient has the sensation of shortening of left leg, because of that he limps while walking. The severity of pain increases when he sits but decreases when lying down. Think of this medicine in neuralgic pain cases of females during menses, when menstrual flow is profuse at night. The hamstring or back thigh muscle feel painfully short when walking and sensation as if joints are painful due to shortening of the muscle.

Belladonna- great medicine acts on every part of the nervous system, where it produces the active congestion of parts resulting into twitching, change in normal senses of body and pain. Belladonna will always be needed in persons having hot, red, flushed face, throbbing, pulsating vessels with excited mental state resulting into delirium. In sciatica this proves to be a great medicine when pain comes very suddenly, severely and when leaves it will also suddenly. Pain feels shooting along the limbs with unsteady walking posture. The sciatic pain will become worse from least movement of leg and much relief by hanging legs down.

Causticum- useful for the left sided sciatic pain with numbness of the leg. Because of the pain patient always desires for constant motion of leg which gives slight relief in it. It is the good medicine of choice for sciatic pain in thigh due to rheumatic affection with contraction, tension and shortening of muscles and stiffness of joint. Must be think of this medicine for persons having chronic rheumatic, arthritic and paralytic affections of leg resulting into tearing, drawing type of pains in muscular and fibrous tissues with deformities of different joints.

Colocynth- if suffering from cramps, twitching of muscles and shortening or pulling of muscle, then this medicine will give a great relief in this. It is always the first remedy of choice in sciatic pain occurring in left side of the leg. Where as the pain will be dull, tearing type that shoots or run from hips down to feet through thighs. Persons feel relief in this pain by hard pressure and heat application but aggravated from gentle touch and on movement. Can be helpful on right sided thigh pain with numbness.

Gnaphalium- consider as top most remedy for sciatic pain. Great medicine for prescription in this, when pain is associated with numbness of affected leg and equally effective when pain alternates the numbness. Where as the relief in pain is by sitting and aggravated by lying down and walking. Think for this medicine for cramps occurring in calves of legs and feet when in bed. Effective in chronic muscular rheumatism of the back and neck.

Hypericum- if the complain of the sciatic nerve pain occurs after the injury, fall on back. Resulting to this injury there is damage or compression of nerve of lower thigh and lower back producing severe pain.  There would be crawling, tingling and burning pain after injury.

Kalmia latifolia- should be think in the cases when pain from the hips runs down the knees and feet. There may be feeling of great weakness, numbness and pricking with sense of coldness in the limbs. Pains of this medicine comes suddenly and goes suddenly on movement. The right side of leg is mainly affected.

Lachesis- one of the best remedy for sciatic pain of right side; where as the pain becomes worse in the morning especially on rising from bed and have great amelioration from lying down and warm application.

Lycopodium- constitutionally this remedy have affection of urinary and digestive system. Where as the sciatic pain will be on right side. There may be feeling of numbness, drawing and tearing in limbs especially when at rest or at night. The sciatic pain will be worse from lying on painful side. There may be some twitching, jerking and cramps in calf muscle at night in bed.

Phytolacca- should be think of this medicine when the pain in leg feels like a electric shock that shifts very rapidly. Pain will feel on the outer side of the leg. Mostly here the right side of the leg is being affected. Along with leg pain there is associated heel pain which is relieved by elevating the feet. Because of the pain which is so severe that the patient fear to get up. Feet may get swelled with pain in feet and ankles.

Rhustoxichodendron- great remedy for the right sided sciatic pain. The affection mainly occur due to exposure to cold weather and at night. There may be the sensation of numbness, crawling, tingling  after overwork and fresh cold air, after damp weather exposure. Where as the pain will be better by warmth, walking and change of position, rubbing, warm application and stretching of affected limb.

Syphillinum- mentally the person have feeling of “ going to insane” or “being paralyzed”. Pains are always from darkness to daylight in general. It is the great remedy for syphilitic affection. Where as the sciatica will be worse at night and feels relief in pain from time period of sunrise to sunset. And with approaching night the pain starts to increase.

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