Ringworm- 10 Best Homeopathic Medicine, Causes,Types And Managment


Ringworm is a type of fungal infection caused by three types of fungus or dermatophytes- a) trichophyton, b)microsporum, c)epidermophyton.
Name “ringworm” is inappropriate to describe it, as it caused by a fungi not by a worm but patches resembles of worm infection and shape is like a ring that’s why known as ringworm. It occurs both in human and animal.
The spores of this fungi are present in soil,which may transfer to animal or human by direct contact or by the infected animal and human.

Types of ringworm- On the basis of occurring place of patches ……..

  • Tinea pedis- also known as athletes foot.Occurs when person goes with bare foot to common bathing areas, swimming pools, flooring without shoes and shocks.
  • Tinea cruris- (jock itch) basically groins, inner and upper thighs , buttocks affected. Mainly because of friction, obesity, moisture and warmth.
  • Tinea corporis- affect any part of body with distinct round shaped patches.
  • Tinea capitis- affecting the head region.It causes the scalling, itching and lastly bald patches to that area.
  • Tinea linguim- affects nail plate causing theckning and brittleness of nail.

Management for Ringworm- on following the below points we can be safe or may can decrease the chance of its occurrence.Facial Ringworm

  • Must wear the cotton cloth and shocks with loose fitting to avoid much sweating.
  • All the cloths, bedding, towel, undergarment should be washed in hot water.
  • Most affected areas should be keep dry by using powders.
  • Washing of hair properly with shampoo on alternate day.

Symptoms related to Ringworm-

  • Ring shaped patch with eruptions on edges with centre clearing.
  • Great itching.
  • Scalling (sometimes).
  • Presence of pustular eruption borderly.
  • Oozing sometimes occurs from patch.

Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines Of Ringworm-

  • Arsenic-It has vast action on skin.Here the patches are dry, rough, scaly, patches get aggravated from cold application and relief from warm or hot. Constitutionally the arsenic is very much anxious and restless in nature must change the position continuously. Have great anxiety regarding health.


  • Sepia- When the infection occur on every spring weather. Here the eruption mainly affecting the face and upper body . If we talk about the itching here it is not relieved from scratching. Sepia will be of great use when ringworm occurs in isolated spots here and there.


  • Rhus-toxichodendron- Performs good work on skin for ringworm. Patches are red, swollen, itchy, vesicular suppurative form.The complaints of ringworm come on from cold damp weather from being exposed to cold damp air mainly during rainy weather, when perspiring.Chiefly there is burning eczematous eruptions with tendency to scale formation.


  • Graphitis- Persons those who are fatty, flabby and chilly. Patches here are mostly dry, hard, rough with oozing of honey-like sticky, gluey discharge.Constitutionally these persons have unhealthy skin with tendency of suppuration of every lttle injury. The complaints of Graphites are worse in morning, evening and during the night especially before midnight.


  • Mezerium- This medicine will be of great use where the eruptions are intolerably itchy mostly worse in bed.The ulcers itch and burn, surrounded by vesicles and shining red areola.


  • Sulphur- Top most remedy in nearly all itching skin complaints where it is followed by burning. Itching mostly at night, while on bed. Itching will compel patient to scratch until it bleeds.


  • Tellurium-The lesions of it are circular in shape and the affected part creates great offensive odor.The patches mostly occurs at back of ears and occiput region. It is the great medicine of prescription in eczema and fungal infection when patches covers larger portion of the body.Skin feels much itchiness and stinging feeling. Here application of cold thing and cold air worsen it.


  • Psorinum- The fungal infection with erruption are presented with thick crust. Erruption here present especially on scalp and bends of joints with great itching; and this itching would be worse from warmth of bed. Psorinum have crusty eruptions all over with great offensiveness. After the scratching a watery fluid oozes out for hours from eruptions.


  • Ranunculus bulbosus- The fungal infection with eruption covers larger portion of the body . In ranunclus the eruptions are vesicular(having fluid inside)in nature and are situated very close to each other some times they get united to form a big patchy eruption.


  • Chrysarobinum- Its a very powerful skin remedy acts beautifully in ring worm.The eruptions are vesicular which are associated with foul smelling discharge and crust formation,and to give the appearance of a single crust covering the entire area.


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