PULSATILLA- best female remedy, sphere of action, 5 prescribing symptoms

PULSATILLA- female remedy

Commom Name- Wind flower

Family- Ranunculaceae

Introduction-  pulsatilla is chiefly a women’s and teenage girls remedy; but its not mean that will not work in man. Its mental state and disposition is main guiding point for its selection. Mentally these persons are mild, gentle and easily inclined towards suggestions of others. Having weeping tendency, weeps when talks to someone. Physically the all mucous membrane are affected where as the discharge would be thick , bland and yellowish-green in color. And all the physical and mental symptoms changes its place and character.

Sphere of action-

  • Mucous membrane- causes inflammation and excess mucous discharge.
  • Eyes- profuse bland discharge
  • Ears- sub acute inflammation and ottorheal discharge
  • Stomach- it causes indigestion, acidity, yellow coated tongue
  • Intestine- great gaseous formation, mucous diarrhea
  • Urinary system- inflammation with mucus discharge in urine
  • Sexual organ male- inflammation of testes, neuralgia
  • Sexual organ female- inflammation of oavaries, delayecd and scanty menstruation
  • Skin- cause urticarial eruption

Prescribing & guiding symptoms of Pulsatilla-

Mind- mental makeup of these patients are very mild, weak willed and easily weeping one. Always weeps in any adverse situation or complains, narrate their sufferings with weeping. They have very changeable mood , which changes always. While the consolation by anyone regarding her complains ameliorates in her condition.

Eyes- great remedy for styes, especially on upper eyelids. For conjunctivitis with profuse , thick, yellow discharge from eyes following the inflammation associated with great burning and itching of eyes.

Ear- pulsatilla has main function on ears where it cures the inflammatory condition of ear with very thick, bland discharge. Because of thick mucous the hearing is also impaired. Some persons feel deafness with certain noises in ears generally. Pain in ear  more during night along with above complains.

Nose- blockage of nose especially right one due to coryza. The stoppage of nose feels more in evening, on going to bed and in morning with very thick yellowish-green color mucous discharge which is very offensive in odor.

Mouth- pulsatilla persons has tenacious mucus with white-yellow coating on tongue. Mouth feels dry without specific thirst, with loss of taste, nothing tastes good, may feel foul taste in mouth in morning. Toothache always from taking warm thing or entering into warm room. While there is relief in toothache from cold thing, cold water in mouth, in open air.

Stomach- chiefly works in gastric symptoms. The digestion of pulsatilla persons is slow, imperfect, the taste of food mainly sour returns and remains in mouth for very long time with tightness in stomach especially from fat food; must loosen the cloth to relieve pain in stomach. Feeling of weight as from a stone in morning after waking up. Pulsatilla has easy disturbance of stomach from rich, fat food, with sour, bitter vomiting, she can not sit for long must walk to relieve pain. Feeling of nausea and vomiting after eating of rich fatty food.

Stool- diarrhea is always worse at night, and the stool consists of green color and acrid mucus. Characteristically no two stools are alike in color and consistency, they are so changeable. Means one stool of different color and watery and other will be of different color and hard. The diarrhea is mainly due to having cold drinks, fruits, ice-cream, fatty food which is worse at night. In  Dysentery, stools with blood with chilliness at evening and bad taste in mouth in morning.

Urinary system- involuntary urinal discharge at night, while coughing or passing flatus. There is increased desire for urine while lying down. While after urination there is feeling of spasmodic pain in the bladder that extends up to the pelvis and thighs. Person may feel burning in urethral opening during and after urination.

Male- great medicine for inflammation of testes(orchitis), where the testicles and the spermatic cord swollen and painful. And this painful condition is as a result of chronic gonorrhea or from cold. Also works in second stage of gonorrhea with discharge of yellow-green color from urethra.

Female- great medicine for suppressed menses or absence of menstrual discharge. The menses is too late, scanty, thick, dark and changeable in nature. Feeling of chilliness, nausea with downward pressure and pain. Leucorrheal discharge is acrid, burning in nature with associated pain in back.

Fever- during the fever feeling of chilliness even in  warm room without thirst. Attack of chills at 4 pm. Person feel great heat at night with one sided sweat. External heat during the fever is intolerable.

Aggravation- the complain get worse in a close, warm room, at evening , night. Especially aggravated by returning into warm, close room; warmth of bed; from lying down especially on left side; after rich, fatty, greasy food, pastry,fruit, and ice-cream.

Amelioration- in open air, cold place, cold room, cold things; feels relief from lying on back and from external pressure.

Keynote symptoms Of Pulsatilla

  • Changeability in all complains as in mood, stool, discharges, menses, chills in fever
  • Weeping disposition with mild, gentle and yielding nature
  • Discharges from all mucous membrane is thick, bland, yellowish-green
  • Open air desire for and close, hot room aggravation
  • Consolation desire and ameliorates the sufferings
  • Causative factors – getting feet wet, by eating rich, fatty food, ice-cream
  • Thirstlessness in nearly all complaints.

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