Ottorhea- (Ear Discharge), causes, symptoms and best 8 Homeopathic medicines

Ottorhea (ear discharge)

Ottorhea is commonly  known as “Ear Discharge”. It is the thick or thin, mucous, bloody or purulent, may be of foul smelling discharge that occurs from ears. As a result of different causes of ears, such as acute or chronic otitis externa ( inflammation of  external ear), infection of middle ear (otitis media), mastoiditis…etc.

Along with above symptom there is presence of heaviness in ear, loss or impaired hearing, tinnitus or hearing of different sound in ear, feeling of vertigo or giddiness, ear pain severe to mild and itchiness in the ear.


Causes of Ottorhea or ear discharge-Following are the different causes responsible for the discharge from showing ear and its partthe ear as….

   Acute Ear Discharge

  •  Acute otitis media with perforation of tympanic membrane- the painful ear infection of the area present behind the ear drum called middle ear. This infection occur due to cold, sinus infection, allergies and enlarge adenoids. The discharge will come from middle ear through hole in tympanic memebrane. The perforation will heal after the infection get checked.
  • Chronic otitis media with chronic perforation of tympanic membrane- it results from the abnormal condition that persists for long period of time such as long unhealing of perforation of ear drum, persisting middle ear infection with ear drum hole, formation of tumor called cholesteatoma” which is prone to infection resulting into discharge causing erosion of middle ear and mastoid bone.
  • CSF leak- leakage of cerebro-spinal fliud in ear due to head, meningeal, temporal bone injury during head trauma.
  • Acute otitis externa- the infectious condition of external ear or ear canal presented with severe pain, itching, canal edema, redness and discharge. It is commonly called as “ SWIMMERS EAR” caused mainly due to infection by bacteria Psuedomonas and Staphylococcus. The tenderness with movement of ear pinna is a classical finding of this.

Chronic Ear Discharge

  • Chronic purulent otitis media- discharge of pus from the middle ear with perforated tympanic memembrane.
  • Mastoiditis- inflammation of mastoid air cell of mastoid bone due to the bacterial infection. The prolonged mastoid and middle ear infection leads to continuous drainage from the ear.
  • Necrotizing otitis externa- the infection of temporal skull bone and external ear canal by the bacteria, occurring chiefly in elderly people having weak immune system.
  • Cholesteatoma it is the non cancerous tumor like structure formed behind the ear drum after a repeated middle ear infection or may be by birth. If left untreated may cause infection transmitted to inner ear and even up to brain.


Symptoms of Ottorhea – presented with different symptoms along with discharge

  • Thick or thin, purulent to watery discharge
  • Pain(otalgia)
  • Vertigo or giddiness
  • Hearing decreased
  • Sensation of different noises in ear
  • Itching
  • Fever & headache


Best 8 Homeopathic Medicines For Ottorhea


Hepar-sulph- chiefly being prescribed in constitution have tendency of eruption and glandular swelling. This medicine also has great tendency of pus formation. While the ear discharge would be very offensive pus like. Because of the discharge the hearing is impaired  with sensation of some whizzing sound in ear ( tinnitus). Some person may have pustular eruption inside of the ear. The constitution is chilly and very sensitive to cold in nature.


Kali- bichromicum- this medicine has great action on mucous membrane of stomach, bowel, air passage ( of throat, lungs,nose), bones and fibrous tissues. Should be think of in ear complain where is swelling with great tearing, agonizing pain is present in ear. This will be presented with discharge which is thick, yellow colored, offensive fetid and will be stringy in nature.  Should be think of in cases of sharp stitching pain affecting the left ear. It may be presented with roaring and ringing sound in ear.


Merc-solubilus- has vast field of action, affecting each and every organ and tissues of body. In ear it produces thick, yellow- green colored discharge. When the discharge is foetid and bloody. Must be suited in cases of ear pain during discharge which becomes worse from warmth of bed, at night. Where as the pain may be due to presence of painful boil in external canal. Generally all the complaints get worse at night, from warmth of bed, from damp cold rainy weather, worse during perspiration.


Psorinum- psorinum persons are extremely sensitive to cold, wants the head to kept warm, for this they apply the warm clothing around head even in summer. Skin symptoms are very prominent in thus medicine. Ears have offensive discharges from inside ear and outside eczema around ears. The discharge would be very fetid pus like, brownish in color. There is presence of eczematous eruption around the ear, with red, oozing scabs from there. Ear and eruption would have severe itching.


Graphitis- constitutionally this medicine is suitable for skin affections of those who are constipated always. Fatty and chilly by nature. Graphitis person is very much inclined to become obese. While in ear they have great dryness of inner ear. Patient feels the cracking sound in ear while eating. On examination we can see the presence of thin , white, scaly membrane  covering the tympanic membrane or ear drum. The discharge would be sticky,  gluey, offensive and light brown in color. During all this hearing is also affected with sensation of hissing type of sound inn ear. Strangely there is better hearing in noise. Sometime there is feeling of strong bursting sound as from the retort of a gun.


Pulsatilla- the ear have thick, bland, yellowish- green discharge which is very offensive in nature. There may be swelling in the external ear with redness. The pain in ear become worse at night with impaired hearing. Some patient feels as if something is being forced towards outward with difficult hearing , as if ear is being stuffed or filled with something. Pulsatilla persons have all their mucous membrane are affected with characteristic thick, bland and yellowish green discharge. Mentally these constitutions are very mild, gentle and weeping nature.


Silicea- these persons have discharge of thin pus from the ears. And this pus occurs due to caries or ulceration of ear bone inside which comes in discharge in small pieces and some time this pus is due to rupture of boil inside of ear. The silicea person have very negligible pain in the ear. Some time the pus occurs because of ulceration or suppuration of mastoid bone found behind the ear. May be presence of roaring sound in the ear(tinnitus).


Tellurium metallicum- effective for inflammation of middle ear. The discharge that occurs would be acrid, smells like fish pickle. There may be presence of eczema behind the ears. Also has feeling of great itching, swelling and throbbing pain in the meatus. The hearing is greatly being affected causing deafness during the period of affection.

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