Leucorrhea- Top 10 homeopathic medicines


Leucorrhea is a normal vaginal discharge of thick, white, yellow sometime green in color, and odorless.  There is increase in vaginal discharge physiologically during the puberty, pregnancy, at ovulation and in some females during premenstrual phase of menstrual cycle and is because of estrogen hormone imbalance.

Normally the discharge does not have itching, burning, pain or irritation in vagina but when occurs it is due to infection.  The infection occur due to bacteria , yeast (fungi) and other microorganisms, that changes the discharge to becomes purulent , dark yellow and having great offensive odor. The infection causes irritation and inflammation of cervix glands and promote there to secrete more amount of thick , yellow, purulent , offensive mucous discharge from cervix and vagina.

The leucorrheal discharge during pregnancy and puberty is due to increase in vascularity of female genital organ of uterus, cervix and vagina. It is temporary in duration needs no treatment.


TOP 10 Homeopathic Medicines For Leucorrhea

Alumina – Generally the condition that demands for alumina is dryness of mucous membrane. It would be the medicine of choice when discharge will be acrid, profuse and transparent in color. Along with above indications it would be best when discharge is ropy, like a long thread with great burning. The discharge here would be more during the day time and after the menses.


Arsenic- Should be prescribe when discharge is of much acridity , thin and with great burning. The burning would be as if hot coal or fire is applied to part but is relieved also by the application of hot/warm water. She will feel pain as if red hot wires from , get worse from least exertion of body and get relief from when she enters into warm room.


Borax – Here the person will always feel dread from the downward motion in Leucorrhea nearly all the complaint. The discharge would be profuse, albuminous,starchy like white of egg. When the discharge occurs she feels like a warm water is flowing down to legs. Sometimes it occurs for two weeks between the normal menstrual period.


Kalicarb- This medicine has the specific action over all the mucous membrane. Here the leucorrheal discharge will be tough, stringy mucus(like a long thread or string) which get adhere to the part. Generally it get aggravated from heat of summer and hot weather.


Kreosotum- All the discharges of this medicine are excoriating, burning and having severe offensive odor. Same as the other discharges of this, the leucorrheal discharge would be much acrid in nature, corroding the area of discharge (vagina,thighs..) and cloths with presence of great offensive odor in it,more specifically like the “ green- corn”. The leucorrheal flow would be more in between the menstrual period. The cloths or undergarment becomes stiffer like starch with stains of yellow color. The discharge would be increases from washing or having bath with cold water and decreases from warmth.


Graphitis- This medicine suited for women those are obese, who suffer from habitual constipation and have history of delayed menstruation. While the leucorrheal discharge will be acrid, excoriating in nature causing irritation and itching of parts. The flow would be continuous and  very profuse, gushes out all day and night. The discharge becomes worse before and after the menses. Where the nature of discharge would be gluey and thin with feeling of great weakness in back.


Sepia- It is a great effective medicine of women affecting mainly the uterus. There is continuous sensation of bearing down, as if everything would protrude from the pelvis in nearly all complaint. She feels heaviness and hypo gastric pain with bearing down sensation during the leucorrheal discharge. The discharge becomes worse during afternoon, evening and by rest and get ameliorated by the physical exertion.


Pulsatilla- This medicine is greatly work in females of mild, gentle and easily weeping nature. Pulsatilla person has weeping tendency cries very easily and have very changeable mood. The secretions from all her mucous membranes are thick, bland and yellowish- green in color. Leucorrheal discharge will be thick, bland and creamy. There is great burning in the discharge with acridity. Because of the discharge she feels pain in back with tiredness. She complains that her leucorrheal discharge becomes worse from warm or in close room, heat and flow will decreases from cool room or in open air.


Psorinum- Should be the medicine of selection in patients who feels great sensitiveness to cold air or change of weather and they wear cloths or shawl even in hot summer weather. These constitution always have filthy or offensive smell from body even after bath. Leucorrheal discharge would be fetid and lumpy in nature. During the discharge she feels severe back pain and great debility. Psorinum persons have general aggravation from cold and ameliorated from warmth, heat and in summer weather.


Lilium-tigrinum- This has great influence over the pelvic organ. She always feels “Bearing- Down” sensation with an urgent desire for stool and feel strongly that all the organs would escape from lower portion or pelvis. Because of the above feeling she always support the lower portion in fear of protrusion of anything from there. Leucorrheal discharge would be acrid , brown in color and gives strong smarting/stinging feeling in vagina. With all these she also feels bloating in the uterine region. Generally the symptom gets worse from heat,entering in warm room and ameliorated in fresh, open air.

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