Kidney Stone- 7 Best Homeopathic Medicines, Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors

Kidney Stone

Kidney stone(CALCULI) becomes a very common problem in today life. It’s a small hard deposits of mineral and different salt which associate and get concentrated in urine to form stone.
The different health supplements, medication, diet, less water intake are some of the reasons resulting into stone (calculi) formation.

The stone formation may occur anywhere in urinary system from kidney to ureter to urinary bladder. Pain may occur when stone move from one place to other inside the urinary system, depending upon the severity you may have to visit doctor immediately.

Formed stone are of brown or yellow in color, and smooth or rough. Men and women both are victim of this disease but chances of men to have this is double than women.
Usually the small size stone came out if we drink adequate amount of water daily ,with certain restriction in diet, but for large stone medicine will be required.

Types of kidney stone- depending upon the minerals or acids that forms, the stone are of different kind as –

  • Calcium- They are of most common type formed of “calcium-oxalate”. If we prevent certain food items rich in oxalate as Beets,Spinach,Peanut, Chocolate etc from our diet , chances of stone formation is low.
  • Uric acid- The diet rich in PURINES can increase the chances of uric acid stone formation. Purines is found in animal protein largely in MEAT, EGG, FISH. This occur more in men than women . Those having uric acid crystal in urine may also suffer from joint disease GOUT.
  • Cystine – Mainly rare form of kidney stone. It is hereditary disorder occurs in both sexes Called cystinuria causes kidney to excrete too much amount of a particular type of amino acid.
  • Struvite- This occur mainly in women as a result of UTI (urinary tract infection). These stone grow very quickly and become quite large, presenting with other symptoms. On treating a underlying urinary tract infection we can prevent formation of such stone.


Symptoms Related to Kidney Stone-

Pain occur when stone start descending along the ureter ,when stone get lodged in ureter causing its blockage and retention of urine there which results into swelling of kidney (hydronephrosis) and the pain may be of very severe kind that need immediate medical help. Other symptoms are………..

  • Intense , sharp, penetrating pain in side, back and below the ribs.
  • Great pain and burning on urination.
  • Pain radiates to lower parts and groin.
  • Ineffectual desire for urination all time.
  • Fever and chill.
  • Red- brown, pink color urine.

Risk factors-                 

  • Diet with high level of protein or glucose.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease that increases calcium absorption.
  • Obesity.
  • Less amount of water intake.
  • Digestive diseases, surgeries,chronic diarrhea.
  • Supplements and medication.


If taken homeopathic medicines with some restriction in diet that increases the chance of formation of these stones, we can get rid of this disease.

  • Lycopodium- Great medicine of use when stone is in right side of kidney with right sided pain. Pain especially occur between 4-8 P.M. Along with stone formation,great flatulence(gas) is there.Urine will be of red in color with great difficulty in passage of it, so cries before it. Where as the pain is get relieved by urinating.


  • Berberis vulgaris- When stone and pain occur on left side of kidney. A radiating type of pain starts from left side of kidney to ureter to bladder to urethra of same side. Pain in back which is very sensitive to touch, aggravated by sitting, lying, from any type of motion. Great burning and soreness with bubbling sensation in kidney region. Urine will be blood-red in color with thick, slimy,jelly like sediments.


  • Cantharis- This medicine works best when there is constant urging to urinate but when attempts only few drops will come mixed with some blood. There is great burning, cutting pains in urethra during urination with violent tenesmus. The pain in urethra while urinating is ameliorated by pressing the glans penis.Sometimes the pain of ureter may travel up-to penis.


  • Hydrangea- Stone breaker is the another name of it. It breaks heavy stone of kidney, urinary bladder and ureter easily. There is also great deposition of yellowish-white sand in urine.


  • Ocimum cannum- The symptoms that point towards this is right sided great pain with violent vomiting very frequently . The urine have red sand there as deposit. Sometimes there is abdominal pain with blood in urine(hematuria).


  • Sarsaparilla- When there is great burning at the closure or end of urination this medicine will work best. Chiefly act on right sided stone. Urine passes in drops when sitting and freely passage when standing is a very peculiar point of its prescription.In sarsaparilla the pain is of neuralgic type that goes right side downward. In males the pain is tearing at conclusion of urination moves from glans to root of penis.


  • Pariera brava- Excellent remedy when patient is compel to go on knees to pass urine. There is constant or frequent urge to urinate. The pain runs downward to thigh, left inguinal region. Urine has strong ammoniacal(pungent) smell and contains large quantities of thick, tough mucus in it.


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  1. Sir, my stomach was aching for a long time, so I had an ultrasound done. In ultrasound, I have a stone in both kidneys. One has 4 mm and the other has 5 mm. So what should i do

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      happy to help you…regarding your complaint we want that you must send the detail complaints of yours along with diagnostic report u had recently done.

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