Injury- nerve, bone,muscle,ligament,tendon and soft tissue injury, its causes and best Homeopathic medicines

Injury and for its after effect think must about HOMEOPATHY which has great efficacy in this. Depending upon the part affected as muscle, nerve, soft tissue, tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone, skin the different natural homeopathic medicine will provide great excellence if taken accordingly. People generally think that homeopathic medicines are to give results only in chronic cases or suffering from long time, where as it is so effective in acute cases as in chronic one.

There are medicines which give best results in acute and even in old injuries received years ago. Providing the strength to affected part to regain its original functioning.


Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines For Injury

 Arnica- This is a great medicine for mechanical or physical injury that is of recent in origin or even if received years ago and its effects are still present. One should think of Arnica for injuries received from blunt instruments. For the  CONCUSSION & CONTUSIONS that results from heavy blow or shock without laceration of soft part. If given in these conditions it will prevent suppuration and septic condition and also promotes absorption of it. The affected part due to traumatic affection of muscle always feel sore, lame and bruised as if beaten. Give results in MENINGITIS from concussion of brain after mechanical or traumatic injuries, and also facilitate absorption of blood if occurs in head. Works best in Conjunctival or Retinal hemorrhage from eye after physical injury.

Bellis-Perennis- This medicine chiefly acts upon muscular fibers of the blood vessels so it relieves the venous congestion that results from mechanical injuries. Should be think first in cases of injuries of deeper tissues after major surgical work. Where as the muscles feel intensively sore and painful. Will be medicine of choice in cases of injuries affecting nerves causing feeling of intense soreness/ pain of affected part.

Calcarea-Phos- One of the most important tissue remedy. It is greatly being prescribed for injuries of bone and joint for its reunion. It provides the nourishment to developing or fractured bone to heel fast. With the advancing age due to lack of calcium and phosphorus the bone start loosing its mass and become porous and resultly  get fractured easily. When given in these conditions will provide nourishment and give strength to bone, will prevent the easy fracture of it.

Cantharis– Remarkable medicine for the cases of burns from steam, oil, heat, fire, spirit  with having severe burning, formation of blisters or vesicles, great pain etc. Should be think in cases of burn before the formation of blister and also effective after the formation of blister filled with liquid substance.

Carbolic acid-  Same as cantharis is much effective in cases of burns but the difference is burn tend to ulcerate with ichorous discharge. Great medicine of choice in case of lacerated wounds from blunt instrument. Because of the injury there is much sloughing of soft part, bones get crushed. The pains feel terrible, which comes suddenly in affected part, last for short period of time and get disappear suddenly.

Calendula- Should be think firstly in cases of traumatic affection where it promotes for union of part and also prevent suppuration. In those cases where due to loss of soft parts the union is not effective by means of adhesive plaster only. Great medicine after surgical operations, to promote healthy

granulation of part and prevent excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars. When because of injury of muscles or tendons resulting into wounds that penetrate up to the deep tissues.


Hypericum- Top most remedy for injuries of NERVES causing severe pain. Great medicine for mechanical injuries of spinal cord from fall into coccyx or lower back resulting into concussion of spine. Have specific action on punctured , incised or lacerated wound those are very painful. Will preserve the integrity of torn or separated part get separated from body after an injury. The patient of hypericum always feels great sensitivity of spine with pain in spine after fall on back. Should be think of in injuries to parts rich in nerve as finger, toes, nail bed or its matrices, palm and sole where the pain is intolerable. If the punctured injury results from sharp object as needles, pins, splinters etc causing rupture of nerve.

Ledum-Palusture—When a person had contusion of eyes and lids with much extravasation of blood from there. Great medicine of choice in cases of easy sprains of ankles and feet from twisting and torn of foot while walking. Like that of the hypericum it give great results in punctured wound from sharp and pointed object. If after the recovery or wound heal the discoloration black and blue of skin remain for longer period of time then this is the right medicine of choice.

Symphytum- Chiefly acts on bone and eye. Great medicine for reunion of fractured bone, where it promotes the callus formation. Person feel great irritability at the point of fracture and pain around the bone after the wound have healed. Must be think in case of eye injury from blows, bruises and strong thrust on globe of eye causing severe pain from that.

Ruta- If a person feels severe pain in ankle and wrist from sprain or strain , from fracture and dislocation of these joints. All parts of body upon which he lies are always painful. Great medicine of prescription in affection of small joints as of wrist, ankle, vertebral column after an injury.

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