Haemorrhoids- 8 Best Homeopathic Medicine, Causes, Grades Of Piles


Haemorrhoids condition is commonly known as PILES  where the blood veins (blood vessel) of anal passage get swelled and become wider and engorged with more amount of blood than usually present.This may presents itself with severe burning and pain during or after the stool and that may persist for several hours even after the stool. Constipation may be the one of the cause for this. The piles when get break oozes the blood during and after the stool. Depending upon the amount of blood loss it may result into weakness after stool.

Causes Of Hemorrhoids-

  • Diet – Intake of junk , fast food, heavy oily , low fiber food ,less water on daily basis.Haemorrhoids
  • Constipation –When person is heaving hard , dry, unsatisfactory stool and he is applying much pressure or straining during stool , it causes anal veins to dilate resulting into piles.
  • Pregnancy – during pregnancy the increased pressure on abdominal and pelvic area may result in piles or hemorrhoids.
  • Portal hypertension-the veins from pancreas , intestine ,spleen and stomach collectively form the portal vein which travel through liver. Due to improper flow of blood from liver , pressure creates in portal vein and this heavy amount of blood creates stress and pressure in veins of stomach , esophagus, spleen and anus that ultimately result in piles in anal region.

Grading Of Haemorrhoids-

1) Grade 1- Simple , small swelling in the inner lining of anal canal which cannot be feel from outside.

2) Grade 2- Here piles get partly pushed out from inner side when you sit for toilet and it recedes back again after toilet.

3) Grade 3- Piles hang out from anus during toilet and have to push them with finger inside.

4) Grade 4- These are large one that hangs permanently from anus and cannot be pushed back with finger.

Top 8 Homeopathic Medicines-

This science can prevent the surgical procedure which is ultimate suggestion given by doctors , but through homeopathy a science of its 200 years of glory can treat it with its so many miraculous medicines.

  • Arsenic album –This medicine works best when the patient feels much burning at the anal region after stool and that burning of anus is relieved by warm water application.There may be the prolapse of anus after the hemorrhage of piles from rectum during stool.


  • Aesculus- Top grade medicine for piles where feeling of fullness in anal region along with much itching, burning, and pain that persist for hours after the stool.Itching of anus is so severe that patient always wants to bore or insert finger in anus in order to get relief. Here piles may be associated with lumbo-sacral backache or low grade back pain which creates severe distress to the patient from sitting and rising. One striking symptom may also present with it, is feeling of CONSTRICTION, closure, contraction  in rectum with general pain as a knife is sawing up and down there in rectum. It may prove best medicine of choice for HEMORRHOIDS without constipation. Here the pain of piles is get ameliorated when there is bleeding from the hemorrhoids.


  • Muratic acid – Great medicine for protruded piles with great pain and sensitive to touch . Warm water washing gives relief to piles pain and in other complaint. It has great work  in curing piles occurring in children. Muratic acid cures those piles which are occurring periodically on fixed repetition of time. Here the burning pain is greatly increased from cold water application.


  • Ratanhia peruviana – The  feeling of glass splinter in rectum with great burning after stool is main keynote demanding for this remedy.The
    burning pain get aggravated after persisting stool for a long time.


  • Hamamelis verginia – This medicine holds its position in top for bleeding occurring anywhere in body, here bleeding after stool is indication for its use. Pain in lower back and pulsation feeling in the rectum may also be present with chief complain of piles. In females the bleeding occur from anus as a result of suppressed menses. Because   of bleeding from piles there is much weakness after the stool which can be cure with this great naturally effective medicine.


  • Collinsonia – Piles along with great hard lumpy stool is demand for this medicine .Person is suffering from obstinate constipation , great burning and aching with sensation as if sharp sticks are present in the rectum causing severe tearing pain there. Females in general and the pregnant one are greatly being benefited with this medicine if presented piles with severe constipation.


  • Nux-vomica – This medicine works best for blind piles with great burning and itching in anus.This medicine has a red-line point of ineffectual desire for stool always present even after stool. During this problem of hemorrhoids patient have constipation with or alternate diarrhea.Pain of piles of nux-vomica is pressing type which get aggravated from motion and ameliorated from lying on abdomen.


  • Sepia – When Haemorrhoids occur in a women after child birth and this is because of looseness of muscles after child birth. This medicine has great tendency of looseness everywhere in the body with bearing down sensation. When the complain of hemorrhoid is being aggravated by milk it is of great use.Due to the great looseness, the piles get protrude or prolapsed even on walking.Sepia has constant feeling of lump or weight in rectum even after stool.

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