FIBROID- 8 Best Homeopathic Medicine, Causes, Symptoms


In India more than 1 million cases of FIBROID occur per year. It is abnormal, non cancerous growth develops in uterus during childbearing year of a women, also known as leiomyomas.
These vary from very small size to large one, occupies large area of uterus causing severe, acute abdominal pain and heavy periods. Fibroid may remain in uterus silently without giving any sign.
The growths are typically benign or non cancerous. Fibroid is one of the reason for infertility in females and may cause repeated miscarriage if left untreated.

Types Of Fibroid- Depending upon the location of fibroid in or on the uterus these are of …

  1. Intramural- This tumor occur within the muscular wall of uterus. It can grow as large that can touch womb of a women. Most common type of fibroid.
  2. Subserosal- Those which forms outside of the uterus.
  3. Submucosal- When fibroid formed in the middle muscle layer (myometrium) of uterus.
  4. Pedunculated- Where subserosal tumor develop a stem like structure that supports the tumor.


  1. Genetic- When change occur at gene level resulting into fibroid formation.
  2. Hormone- Hormones like estrogen and progestron that prepares uterine bed or its lining during each menstrual cycle for upcoming pregnancy, will promote the fibroid formation.
  3. Miscellenous- The other factors like occurrence of menstrual period prior to age of 10, uterine infection, hypertension may be other factors responsible for this disease.

Symptoms- Totally depending on the size, shape and location of these fibroid and also closeness of it with other pelvic and abdominal organ, symptoms may as…..

  • Pelvic pain.
  • Feeling of pressure on bladder with frequent and obstructed urination.
  • Pressure and fulness sensation near rectum with difficulty in passing stool.
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Lumbago.
  • Pain during coition.

8 Best Homoeopathic Medicines

The homoeopathic medicine cure the fibroid by controlling abnormality of hormone responsible for this and reduces the menstrual bleeding.

  • Calcarea carbonicum- Prescribe in fibroid for constitution who are very chilly, overweight, fatty flabby and having prolonged menstrual period.


  • Thalspi bursa- It is being prescribe where menses is frequent, prolong and last for 10-15 days. Heavy black clots with profuse bleeding. Cramping pain in uterus during menses in uterine fibroid.


  • Sepia- A top grade medicine for this. Symptoms like griping, burning and bearing down sensation as if everything will protrude from vagina, so patient must cross the leg while sitting to prevent the protrusion. Indicated in painful intercourse during uterine fibroid.


  • Sabina- When the clots are prevailing with menses during fibroid. Symptoms like pain from sacrum to pubis, increase in menses flow on every motion. Foul, acrid yellow leucorrhea.


  • Fraximus Americana- Fibroid with a bearing down sensation, cramp in feet, worse in afternoon and night., leucorrhea is non irritating and watery.


  • Aurum-mur-natronatum- One of the best medicine for fibroid. Other symptoms that indicate toward this remedy are coldness feeling in abdomen, leucorrhea with spasmodic contraction of vagina.


  • Conium maculatum- When fibroids result from suppressed menses or repressed sexual desire. Menses is very painful and pain drawing down the thighs.


  • Thuja occidentalis- It cures fibroid in patient who have very sensitive vagina. Leucorrhea is thick, profuse, greenish and also feeling of pain in left ovary and left inguinal region.

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