Erectile Dysfunction- causes, symptoms, 8 best Homeopathic medicnes

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is being the inability of men to have erection or keep the erection during his intercourse. Commonly this condition is known as IMPOTENCE.

The penis erection occurs due to rush of blood to penis; and this blood flow occurs by sexual thoughts a person having in mind or by the direct contact of penis.But when a person having certain health issue as stress, diabetes, depression, high level of cholesterol, habit of masturbation then the erection and duration is greatly being affected.

Normally when would we call that you are suffering from ED, if you have one or more condition with you as follows…..

SYMPTOMS – that pointing towards the erectile dysfunction

  • Great trouble in getting on erection.
  • When there is difficulty in maintaining erection during intercourse.
  • Early or premature emission of semen during intercourse.
  • If the ejaculation after sexual act is not coming or is delayed.
  • When the interest for sexual act is decreased.


The impotence of mental or psychological cause is as important as the physical one. It may be a major cause of frequent quarrel  and unhealthy relationship between both of them. And in male it will cause a major decrease in his self confidence.

Here the homeopathy gives a permanent cure, relieving the symptoms in its whole extinct without any side effect with the great effective natural medicines from the mother nature. Homeopathy gives great results in chronic cases and in persons of old age .

The process of penile erection involves many things like emotion, the brain, hormones, nerves, muscles, blood  and blood vessels of penis. If the problem occurs at any  of above level then it will ultimately cause the dysfunction in erection. And the homeopathy will treat patient by correcting at respective level of disturbance in system.

Best 8 Homeopathic Medicines For Erectile Dysfunction


 Selenium-  Excessively prescribed in cases when the urge or desire for sex is full but erection is too weak/ short to perform intercourse. Given for those person having continuous desire even after the rapid ejaculation occur. This will cure the cases of involuntary passage of semen and prostatic fluid while having stool, urine and during the sleep.


Agnus castus- This medicine is ranked in top for erectile dysfunction when the erection is completely fail during intercourse. There may be even coldness, flaccidity and complete relaxation of part. Agnus castus works well also when the person have no desire for sex along with no physical ability or physical weakness to perform the sexual act. If the person have the history of gonorrhea or suppressed gonorrhea along with erectile dysfunction, it works best in that case.


Caladium – The desire for sex or libido is full but the erection is not there even after much caressing or after the embrace. The penis in caladium is in complete relax phase even after the much excitement. Due to the addiction of much smoking the erection may fail, so it cures the case when this results from excess smoking habit. Here, after taking the medicine the craving  for smoking decreases and the complain of erectile dysfunction will improve as it will strengthen the nerve supply. Caladium may be a good remedy in cases when ED results because of mental depression.


Lycopodium-  This medicine works excellently in both extremes of life i.e. in young and old age person suffering from ED. Lycopodium will be the  medicine of choice in young people when dysfunction results from excess of masturbation or excess indulgence in sexual activity. Where as in old people it works best when desire for sexual act or libido is full but erection is not good or feeble. The other symptoms point towards the use of this medicine is formation of excess of flatulence / gas at evening time after 4 P.M.


Nuphar luteum- When the male have zero desire or no libido for sexual act, this will work miraculously here. The person′s genitalia is totally relaxed and cold here. Person having complain of passing semen while stool or urine will be cured completely by this great natural medicine.


Yohimbinum – This medicine acts naturally and will increase the decreased sexual desire in persons suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Avena sativa & Acid phos – Both these medicines works to increase  the sexual power and physical weakness that may be a cause of ED. When a person feels extreme weakness due to over indulgence in masturbation which causes ED problem. These medicines will improve the blood supply, correct the energy quotient in sexually weak person.


Ginkgo biloba & Ginseng- When the condition of erectile dysfunction occurring in male is because of excess stress and depression. If a person take this medicine  and simultaneously  reduce the stress level it will definitely improve the dysfunction condition. These medicines give a strong and sustainable erection by increasing the blood supply to penis and also to the brain. Here the medicine will rejuvenate and increases the energy level in person, thus increasing the desire and improving the condition. And also these two will works as best antioxidant.



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