Dysmenorrhea – painful menstruation, causes,10 best homeopathic medicines


DYSMENORRHEA is commonly called as painful periods, painful menstruation or menstrual cramp. It is the painful condition or cramps in lower abdominal region in females during their menstrual period. Females generally feel this agonizing pain before and during menstrual periods.

Having some pain during period is normal which is known as Primary Dysmenorrhea, but when the pain creates much discomfort and the intensity of pain is much severe, then it will be because of some other reasons related to female reproductive organ called as Secondary Dysmenorrhea.

Causes Of Dysmenorrhea-

  • Normally by the contraction of uterus its lining shed of during each menstrual period occurring monthly, and this contraction with pain and inflammation of uterine muscles is DYSMENORRHEA- painful menstruationpromoted by the hormone like substance “Prostaglandins”. When this hormone like substance secreted in excess amount it will cause severe pain during menstruation.


  • Pelvic inflammatory disease- due to the infection of uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries , there is inflammation of these reproductive organ and resulting pain.


  • Endometriosis- the medical condition in which the tissues of uterine lining grow outside uterus as in Fallopian tube, Ovaries or in tissues lining of pelvis that results in painful menstruation.


  • Uterine Fibroid- the non-cancerous growth that occurs in the walls of uterus creating pressure on uterus and disturbed menstruation resulting into severe pain monthly.


  • Premenstrual Syndrome- this condition is normally occurring in 7 to 10 days before the menses which results due to the hormonal changes before each menstruation.


  • Adenomyosis- this painful condition occur when the tissues of uterine lining starts growing in muscular layer of uterus. It is a very rare condition.


  • Cervical Stenosis- the rare medical condition of females in which the opening of cervix becomes narrow causing decreased menstrual flow, which increases the uterine pressure and resulting severe pain.


Symptoms of dysmenorrhea- generally there is severe cramping pain occur in lower abdomen but may be associated with some other complains……..

  • Intense throbbing or cramping in lower abdomen
  • Radiating pain from lower abdomen to lower back, thighs and hips
  • Nausea
  • Loose stools
  • Headache with vertigo.


Ammonium carbonicum- This is a great medicine for painful menstruation for those women’s or girls who always suffer from vomiting and loose stool associated with pain in lower abdomen during menstruation. The menses always before the time, profuse with severe colicky pain in lower abdomen. She can also have black colored , clotted blood that occurs in each period. This would be beneficial for dysmenorrhea with having hard, difficult stool and fatigued thighs.


Belladonna- Useful for the condition of severe throbbing pain due to congestion of venous system in any part. Here the menses would be bright red in color, occurring too early, profuse with feeling of severe agonizing pain in sacrum(lower back). She always complain of dragging or pulling, cutting  type of pain which she feels in pelvic and hip region and this pain will move from hip to hip during the each menstruation. Along with all these symptoms she had sensation as if all the internal organ will protrude or will come with downward forcing.


Cactus grandiflorus- Constitutionally this medicine is chiefly prescribed in persons who have the feeling of constriction in parts, as if whole body is tighten up by the wire and constriction is increases by twisting of wire tighter and tighter. Here during the menses she feels constriction in uterine region and ovaries. In some females there may be pulsating type of pain which she feels in uterus and ovaries during period.


Chamommilla- The great medicine for painful menstruation especially in those cases where the menstrual discharge would be clotted and dark colored with severe pain feels as if labor pain(pain that occur during child birth). The pain would be pressing type and upward. The intensity of pain is so severe that it is unbearable for her. Along with above symptoms there is inflammation of nipples which are very sensitive and painful to touch. And the pain becomes worse from the heat.


Cimicifuga- It has the chief action over the uterine, ovarian, muscular and nervous system. The pain during menses in ovarian region shoots upward and downward to thighs. She may feels immediate pain just before the menses. And the menses would be profuse, dark in color, clotted with great offensive smell and having severe lower back pain, where as the some patient may feel associated pain across the pelvis which radiates/moves from hip to hip. Some time patient complains of pain below the breast especially on left side during the menstruation.


Cocculus- This medicine give results in painful menses , in which the blood would be profuse and dark colored. There may be painful pressing in uterine region which is followed by piles or hemorrhoids. Means after each painful menstrual period she will suffer from piles. And because of the profuse and painful menses she will not able to stand, feels great weakness of legs.


Magnesium Phos.- The great anti-spasmodic medicine. The pain are of cramping in nature which radiates from one part to other part. She feels pain which is of sharp, cutting, stabbing type. The pain will come suddenly and goes suddenly like a lightening effect. The severity of pain compels the patient to bend towards knees or Bend-Double position which gives relief. The hard pressure, rubbing and application of heat will also relives here. The menses will be early, dark colored, stringy and the pain will be worse before the menses and ameliorated when flow starts.


Pulsatilla- Constitutionally those females who are very weak willed, mild nature, gentle and having great tendency of weeping in nearly all complains will be benefited by this medicine. Frequently prescribed in cases of suppressed or scanty, too late menses with severe pain during the flow. Because of the pain she will be restless, anxiously moving in bed. The flow of menstrual discharge would be more during the day. Always be think for this medicine when discharge is thick, bland, yellow in color with pain in lower abdomen. The complains generally becomes worse in warm, closed room , lying on painless side and with heat but feel relief from open air, cold air or cold room, eating and drinking cold thing and cold application will relieve menstrual cramps.


Viburnum- It is top grade uterine medicine. The complain of pain in menses starts before the menses should appear and will subside as the menstrual flow begins. The pain is so severe, that it compels the patient to bend-double or bend forward, as it gives relief in pain. Here the menses comes too late, would be scanty lasting only for few hours with severe crampy pain that extends down the thighs. Patient always feels heaviness and congestion in ovarian region with bearing down pain before menses. She may also feel pain in sacrum and pubes with pain in anterior muscles of thighs.


Lobelia- Along with severe pain in menses, the patient feels vomiting before and after the painful menses but vomiting get subside or stops when menstrual flow start. The pain during the period which she feels in lower abdomen, ovaries and legs are of so severe intensity that the patient normally faint due to this.


Sepia- Great uterine remedy. There is always a feeling of insecurity in uterine region with bearing down sensation as if everything will come out from vagina. Because of this she always sits with cross legs to prevent the protrusion of organ. Menses would always be irregular sometimes comes early with profuse flow and if late will be of scanty flow but always attended with lower abdominal pain with bearing down sensation. Should be think of in case of headache associated with vomiting occurring before the start of menses.


Xanthoxylum- It has the special action on nervous system and mucous membrane of uterus. Menses will be too early occurring before time, thick, black in color with severe pain. The pain she feels in the ovarian, pelvic and lower abdomen region, and all these pain move downward to thigh. The menstrual cramp will be worse on left side of abdomen. She may also feel pain in lower back and down legs with sever neuralgic headache. A great medicine for neuralgic dysmenorhea, where pain radiates along one or more nerves up-to the uterus, ovaries, lower abdomen and thigh region.

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