Dr. Aditya

I, Dr. Aditya Diwakar, graduate in B.H.M.S from renowned government homoeopathic college(STATE LAL BAHADUR SHASHTRI HOMOEOPATHIC COLLEGE), ALLAHABAD. After completing my degree instead of approaching any job decided to gain experience or do practice under some best and renowned homoeopathic doctors of India, inorder to get some serious and deep knowledge of this beautiful science. During my period of live experience, i did practice in mumbai, panjab and other cities as well. During that period i saw number of patients, those who were suffering from chronic diseases and taking hard medicines with some partial or temporary relief in their symptoms, get completely cured with homoeopathy.

Now I am practicing in my own city from many years with lots of hard work,dedication and clear vision to help humanity with this beautiful science of great master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

The reason by which i came in this profession was a medical situation that occur with my aunt and she got cured by a quack homoeopathic doctor of my village, that give me real desire to take medical.

It was hot summer time of mid of june and I was nearly about of 9 years old , one of my aunt living in village and I was there to spend my summer vaccation, was seriously ill with symptoms like high grade fever, severe vomiting and diarrhea, great prostration with great anxiety and fear of death. We rushed to different quack doctors as no register degree holder practioner was there, she responded with their medicines but for few hours of relief and relapse of condition. After 2-3 days of wait we went to a homoeopathic doctor of village which was also a quack, he went through all her symptoms and gave 2 liquid drops and advised to take these medicines hourly and told to report him by evening after 8-10 hours. And the magic happen, she responded very quickly and all her symptom vanishes after 5-6 hours and by evening she was totally well, only little weakness was there. Then we went to doctor again, after examination he was happy with the result and gave only 1 liquid medicine to take 2 hourly. After 2 days she was totally well, retains all her vitality, appetite and health. This incident gave me inner desire to cure patient and help humanity like this and I follow my desire.

If i talk about my other field of interest then, in my free time mostly on Sundays I cook. Cooking gives me real happiness when I do it for my family. I like music of all type ranging from gazal to pop, from new to old one. The song “MAI JINDAGI KA SATH NIBHATA CHALA GAYA” from movie name “ HUM DONO”is my favourite one. Gardening is like a stress buster for me now a days, as it gives me great calmness and inner piece when I feel little upset or less of energy. I really recommend my patients in my clinic , that they must get some time for themself too in their busy life. Play some sports, meet good friends, listen good music, cook food, do gardening anything they like. And i see those who take my words get speedy recovery in their disease mostly, as it increases the good and positive energy in body….beacause life is all about positivity.