Diarrhoea- causes, symptoms, top 10 Homeopathic medicines


Diarrhoea is said to be when there is frequent( more than 3-4 times in number at a time) or profuse stool, which is of loose or watery in nature. Usually person recover from it with certain dietic change and electrolyte balance, but when it lasts for more than a week or greater in frequency then it may be the matter of concern. Normally the excess amount of water in stool is absorbed in large intestine but in diarrhea this will not and will come along with stool resulting into dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Diarrhea that lasts for few days called acute one , which is as a result of acute infection caused by bacteria, virus, certain parasite, food poisoning. Where as when it occurs more than two weeks called chronic diarrhea, which is due to diseases of stomach and intestine as irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) , coeliac disease and crohn’s disease etc.

Due to severe and frequent diarrhea large amount of water and electrolyte loss occurs mainly in acute one, so along with medication the balance of water with electrolyte should also be maintain.

Causes Of Diarrhoea –

Acute- Due to infection with bacteria (salmonella, E.coli- present in stomach and intestine ), virus (rotavirus- mainly causing infection in infants and children), parasite (giardia).

Chronic- 1) Food intolerance – The lactulose present in milk and other      dairy product cant be digested and causing diarrhea.

2) Gluten intolerance- A type of food protein found in wheat,  barley, oats is intolerant to intestine results into diarrhea.

3)Intestinal diseases- As chronic inflammation of intestine or        crohns disease , irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Symptoms Pointing Towards Diarrhoea – Along the main symptom of frequent stool other will also present depending upon  cause……

  • Abdominal pain and cramp.DIARRHOEA
  • Dehydration.
  • Bloody stool.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • General weakness, lethargy with fever.
  • Loss of appetite.



Aloesocotrina- Patient feels that muscles and sphincter of anus loose their power as a result involuntary passage of stool. He always has a sense of insecurity of rectum while passing flatus, many time the stool will come unknowingly while passing flatus. Because of no command on anal muscles he fear to eat and drink as has to rush immediately after this. Stool will contain large amount of white, lumpy , jelly like mucous.


Arsenic- When diarrhea occurs after taking cold fruits, ice-cream, ice water and alcoholic drinks. Stool here will be scanty, dark colored with great offensiveness and great weakness or prostration irrelevant to the quantity of stool in diarrhea. This medicine should be think of in case when diarrhea sets in immediately after drinking or even eating anything. But mentally he is much anxious and restless , continuously move from here and there but physically he feels great weakness.


China officinalis- Great medicine for painless diarrhea but there is weakness after stool is marked. Stool would contain undigested food particles and will contain froth and pale in color. Another marked symptom is formation of great flatulence which creates pain in stomach and the flatus and eructation will not give any relief in it.


Colocynth- Person having brown , watery stool and sometimes presented with jelly like mucous. Key feature of this medicine is severe cramping pain in abdomen along with diarrhea , and that pain will be relieved by applying hard pressure or the patient bend forward to apply pressure to stomach which gives great relief in pain.


Croton- tig- If during diarrhea patient feel that the stool comes forcefully like “gun shot”. The person constantly feel gurgling sound in intestine with profuse, watery stool. There is constant urge to stool after every attempt and stool every time evacuate like a shot of gun or in spasmodic jerk. Here the complain will aggravated while eating and drinking.


Jalapa- It would be the medicine of choice when diarrhea presented with great flatulence along with nausea. Due to flatulence there is pain that felt in right side of abdomen. Stool will be muddy in color with great soreness of anus after stool.


Jatropa- When a person feel great nausea with vomiting marked during diarrhea . Where as the stool will be sudden, profuse,watery like “Rice –Water”which is forced out. Continuous gurgling sound will be present in stomach along with feeling of pain in liver region and under right side of back that extend up to the shoulder.


Mer-cor- Top grade medicine when diarrhea occurs along with great tenesmus in rectum and abdomen, which is constant and not relieved by stool. This tenesmus mainly occur here due to ulceration in intestine which get aggravated by the least touch and pressure. Stool will be hot, bloody with severe cutting pain and contain shreds of mucous in it.


Nuxvomica– When the diarrhea results due to overeating, dietic errors as tobacco, alcoholic stimulants. The constitution of nuxvomica always feel pain before stool along with constant ineffectual desire for stool. This medicine will be of great use when have alternate diarrhea and constipation after use of purgatives.


Pyrogenium- The key point of this medicine is presence of great offensiveness in nearly all their discharges as menstrual, diarrhea, vomit, sweat, breath. The stool will be brownish or blackish in color with great offensiveness. Like that of aloes there is passage of painless loose stool unknowingly. May be think in cases when presented with pain in rectum associated with pain in bladder while diarrhea.


Veratrum album- When see condition of complete collapse with extreme coldness of body,blueness of lips and weakness after the stool with cold sweat on forehead and face. Should be think in cases when there is great cramping in extremities after diarrhea with presence of vomiting. Diarrhea is very painful, stool will be profuse and watery in nature which will be followed by great weakness.

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