CONSTIPATION- 7 Best Homeopathic Medicine, Causes, Signs Of Constipation


Constipation is most common problem now a days people are suffering from. Every third person is dealing with this.In today’s busy life everyone is in great hurry, doesn’t have time for the precious gift of god that is body. From morning to till night whole routine is disturb regarding time of food intake, quality of food, morning exercise , good and adequate amount of sleep, water and having excess of stress. As we know that in a healthy body a healthy mind and soul lives, these all three are being connected to each other. We will succeed and attain highest possibilities of our life when these will work in perfect harmony.

Homeopathy here can be prove much effective in constipation whether it’s of acute or chronic in nature. If we follow a good daily routine regarding food, water intake, physical exercise etc,.along with these homeopathic medicine we can surely be free from this permanently. These natural medicine can cure not only the constipation but also its consequences as anal fissure, hemorrhoids, anal prolapsed, bleeding and pain during stool.

Signs Of Constipation-

You are suffering from constipation when having these as symptom…….

  • When passing hard, dry stool.
  • Only 2-3 time stool in whole of the week.
  • Unsatisfactory stool or feeling of heaviness and load in rectum even after stool.
  • If applying much pressure or strain during stool.
  • Feeling of blockage in rectum.

Most common causes of constipation-

  • Having low fiber diet.
  • Eating high fat and oily food on day today basis.
  • Late night working habit with in sufficient amount of sleep.
  • Having high stress level.
  • Taking medication for other systemic diseases from long period of time.
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical condition such as Parkinson, Depression, IBS, having intestinal obstruction and hormonal problem.
  • Taking less water daily.


  • Alumina- Top most medicine for obstinate type of constipation. Person needed this medicine are having absolute no desire for stool for many days in a week. This happens when activity and motility of intestinal and rectal lining becomes very sluggish. The fecal matter will pass only when there is large accumulation of it. Must be useful in cases where much straining is require to pass even very soft stool. Best for constipation of children ( and infants )who have great craving for starch, chalk, coal, acids and indigestible things.


  • Bryonia alba- This medicine will complete the cure when the passing stool is very hard, dry as if burnt in nature. The dryness of stool is because of complete dryness of whole alimentary canal. With the constipation the headache in frontal area is associated as the accessory symptom and this get relieved after passage of stool.


  • Nux-vomica- It will be completely helpful in the case, when after passing stool there is feeling of unsatisfaction and thus having great ineffectual urge for further stool. Person go for motion so many times in a single day but passes very little and feels that stomach is not evacuated fully yet. This medicine is very useful for person living sedentary life style, having tobacco, alcohol, much fatty food on daily basis with much mental and physical stress. Here constipation may alternate with diarrhea some times.


  • Silicea- Must be prescribed in cases of severe constipation, where the stool comes after much straining but receds back in rectum after being partially expelled. And this receding back occurs because of constriction of anal sphincter. Here the fecal matter remains for long time in rectum. This medicine can also be used in females having constipation always before and during menses. Abdomen will feel hard, tense and greatly distended with flatulence and there is rumbling and gurgling of gas. There is colicky pain in lower abdomen with constipation which get relieved by hot application.


  • Natrum-muraticum- This medicine will cure the case when passage of stool occurs on alternate day with sensation of contraction in anus. Stool will be of very hard, dry and difficult to pass. This hard stool causes stitches in rectum. On passing flatus he is in doubt of passage of fecal matter with it. This medicine will be of great value in obstinate constipation alternate with diarrhea and great burning.


  • Antim-crudum- it will cure the case where constipation alternates with diarrhea. Much useful in case when it presents itself with other prominent symptom like great anal itching, soreness and piles. More surely will cure the case when constipation occurs in old people.


  • Opium- One of the best medicine for children. There is feeling of paresis or inactivity of rectum. When person having no desire to pass stool from very long time. The consistency of stool is very hard, like round, black ball. This medicine is useful in cases where person is being using laxatives for very long period of time and as a result of over use of laxative, it doesn’t give any relief further.

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