BRONCHITIS- 7 Best Homeopathic Medicine, Cause, Symptoms, Risk Factors


Bronchitis is being the influence of linning of bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from the lungs. There are more than 10 million cases occur yearly in India yearly.
People having bronchitis may suffer from severe to less cough with thickened mucus, difficulty in breathing. It may be acute and chronic in nature depending on time period.

Acute bronchitis mainly occur after cold or flu like illness. Firstly it affects nose, sinus and throat, then from upper airways to lung. If the bronchitis comes in regular interval it becomes chronic one and lastly it requires medical attention.

SYMPTOMS- for both acute and chronic bronchitis, symptoms are ………

  • Cough on regular or in interval basis.
  • Mucus as expectorant , of white , yellow or green in color. Rarely have blood in that.
  • Difficulty or shortness of breath, get worse on activity.
  • Great weakness after episode of paroxysm of cough.
  • Low grade fever & chills.


  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Low resistance of body.
  • Exposer to irritants on job work.
  • Gastic reflux.


  • Antimonium tart- This medicine is prescribed when presented with symptoms like constant rattling of mucus, but little comes. It causes easy expulsion of loaded mucus in bronchial tubes and relieves symptoms. When symptoms arises from exposure to damp places or basement then it works best.


  • Bryonia – Prescribed when dry cough is presented with great dryness of mucous membrane of throat with great thirst of large quantity of water. Complain mainly occur when warm weather sets in, from taking cold drinks or ice in hot weather. Cough get aggravated from any type of least motion and relieves from absolute rest.


  • Ipecacuanha- Top medicine for bronchitis when cough with rattling mucus in bronchi in spring season with feeling of great suffocation from mucus. There will be great difficulty in breathing from least exercise with wheezing (sound in chest due to mucus while breathing) and anxiety feeling in stomach.


  • Kali- bichrome- One of the top most medicine prescribe when mucus is tough, stringy get adhere to throat or air passage and requires much hawking to expel it into long strings. Cough aggravates here by undressing or exposure to air and ameliorated by lying down.


  • Spongia toasta- Like bryonia this medicine present itself with great dryness of air passage causing cough, dry, barking, there will be ringing, wheezing and whistling sound, with no mucus. Cough seems like a saw driven through a pine board. The symptoms get relieved by eating or drinking warm things.


  • Drosera- Prescribed for nocturnal cough as soon as head touches pillow at night. When cough get aggravated by warmth, drinking, singing, laughing, lying down and after midnight. The cough is hoarse, barking with gagging and vomiting of water or mucus.


  • Sambucus nigra- A great medicine for suffocative cough, which get worse about midnight on expiration there is whooping with spasm of chest.

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