Backache- cause, prevention, top 10 Homeopathic medicines

Backache (backpain)

Backache is the pain feel in area along and around the vertebral column from neck to coccyx. The pain may be as a result of affection of ligament, muscles, nerves, vertebrae and may be due to affections of near by organ.

Back is a large part, depending upon the area of back affected it is neck pain( cervical), middle back(thoracic pain), lower back (lumbago) and coccydynia (sacral pain).


Causes of backache  – Some major cause that may results into your severe back pain as—

  • 1.Strain – Pain occur due to continuous and improper lifting of some heavy weight or may be incorrect movement of back that may result in some serious spraining/ straining of back muscle and ligament.
  • 2. Arthiritis- Because of inflammation (osteoarthritis) at vertebrae the space around the vertebrae decreases and resulting into severe pain on movement.
  • 3.Osteoporosis- Due to loss of bone mass , bone becomes prone to injury and fracture causing severe pain.
  • 4.Herniation/ bulging of disc- Normally in between the vertebrae there is cushion like structure called disc present that prevents it from different shocks. But when disc bulges out or get ruptured it compresses the passing nerve that results into severe back pain.
  • 5.other conditions as kidney stone, chest complaints, abdominal disease may create pain in back.


How to prevent backache-We can prevent it or its re occurrence when following these below things ….

  • Do regular physical exercise.lower backache
  • When maintain body weight.
  • Having proper sleeping and sitting posture.
  • If resulting from other systemic disease, treat that first.

Best 10 Homeopathic Medicines for Backache


Aconite– If the pain results from exposure of back to cold air, in cold weather, aconite will act acutely in this case surely. You may feel numbness and tingling in back along with shooting pain and icy coldness there. The pain of your back will get aggravated from lying down, at night and in a warm room.


Aesculus- Very frequently this medicine is used in hemorrhoids. Here hemorrhoids may be the reason you are feeling pain in your backache. While the pain feel in between the shoulder blades with great lameness in neck and weakness in spine region. Should be think of in case of pain occuring at sacrum and hips which get worse on walking and stooping and get ameliorated from lying down or in sitting position.

Berberis vulgaris- It should be think of when your kidney stone is causing pain that radiates from kidney region to back to hips and groins. This  medicine will be of great use in post-operative pain occurring in lumbar region. The region of pain is very sensitive to touch and pain increases from sitting, lying and from jar.


Calcarea-phos- A tissue remedy that works greatly in bone diseases, teeth abnormalities and for union of fractured bone. It gives great relief for pain in joints which get worse from weather change. With the increasing age joints and bones looses their mass and become porous and prone for fracture and pain, so this will provide nourishment to bone and give strength to it that must protect it from easy fractures.


Rhustox- When the pain results from over lifting, spraining, over stretching to reach things causes severe pain in muscles of back. Along with pain there is sensation as if muscles of back are torn from its attachment , as if bones of vertebrae were” scraped with knife”. The pains get worse in night , wet and in rainy weather and get ameliorated when lying on something hard surface, wrapping up, hot or warm application.


Ruta- When pain in vertebrae results from injury to bone, its dislocation and fracture. Because of pain the parts on which patient lies feel painful as if bruised.


Guaicum- When there is pain from head to neck with stiffness of neck and shoulder . This medicine is most suitable for right sided neck pain. Motion will aggravate the pain and complete rest ameliorates it.


Cimicifuga-When person feel that their spine is very painful and sensitive to touch especially the neck region. Helpful in case of rheumatic pain of back, neck and sacral region that extends up to thighs. Those who have work of sewing, typewriting, piano playing must be benefited by this medicine when  because of excess use of hand in such type of work they feel that their spine is become much sensitive to touch.

Gnaphalium- Works in chronic backache of lumbar region. The pain aggravated from continuous motion and ameliorated from rest especially lying on back. It will be great medicine of choice when backache presented with numbness of lower back with feeling of weight in pelvis.


Hyericum- First medicine of choice when pain occurs due to injury to nerve, because of this it is useful medicine in post-operative pain. If having pain after fall on back and concussion occurs in spine, which results into severe pain that radiates upside to spine and downward to limbs.


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