ALOPECIA- 8 Best Homeopathic Medicines


The disease related to hair, which falls in patches occurring on head, beard, mustaches and other parts of body. Condition occur when persons own immune system attacks on hair follicle resulting into loss of hair.
Homoeopathy cure the disease in its complete extinct, most gentle , safest and in permanent way with its natural and simple medicines.

Top 8 Homoeopathic Medicines

  • Phosphorus- Medicine proves its efficacy in alopecia areata( means occuring in particular area not generalised). When alopecia presents itself with white colored dandruff on scalp and also much itching is there. Phosphorus constitution always demands for cold drink, ice-cream. Person is chilly in nature always needs some covering, have tendency of active bright red bleeding.


  • Vinca minor- This medicine is suitable for the patient where alopecia spots are being replaced by white hair. Great itching and burning is also present on scalp.


  • Flouric acid- Mentally those who need this medicine are indifferent towards loved ones, very irresponsible, superficially attached in relation. The growth of finger nail is very fast.


  • Natrum-Mur- When alopecia presents itself with severe headache, as if thousands of hammer are knocking inside brain, and headache is from sunrise to sunset, aggravated by exposure to sun. Constitutionally patient need much salt in diet always, mentally very much introverted and does not need any consolation when upset which aggravates it.


  • Selenium- One of the best remedy for this, constitutions need this remedy have pain over left eye, worse from walking in sun, strong odor.


  • Lycopodium- This remedy is frequently being prescribed for alopecia and premature graying of hair. Persons have complain of heavy flatulence at 4 -8 P.M , desire for hot food always, very HAUGHTY in nature and symptoms travel from right to left side.


  • Sepia – When alopecia occurs in female prematurely. Person who need this remedy have feeling of coldness of the vertex. The hair falls out because of dandruff on head and roots of hair are very sensitive. Pimples on forehead near hair margin.


  • Graphitis- When medicine presents itself with burning on the vertex, WITH HUMID, ITCHY ERRUPTION ON THE hairy parts of body, patches ,may give foetid odor. Constitution have very unhealthy skin, rough, hard, persistent dryness, eczemas which oozes out with gluey discharge. EVERY LITTLE INJURY SUPPURATES HERE.

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