Aconite Napellus- acute remedy,sphere of action,top 5 prescribing point

ACONITE- acute remedy

Common name– Monkshood, Wolfs bane

Family- Ranunculacea

Introduction- ACONITE is a great remedy, chiefly  being prescribed in acute, recent cases. Proving of this was did by Dr. Hahnemann. One of the most deadliest and quickly acting poison in its crude form but after proving on healthy human being Dr Hahnemann able it to use its poisonous power to help in curing disease. Aconite is a protoplasmic poison, destroys first the function of central nervous system, next nerves and lastly the muscles .It is a short and very quickly acting superficial remedy for most acute and distressing health condition, it will acts on those disease which comes like a great storm, symptoms comes “SUDDENLY and VIOLENTLY”  and these would pass away in the same manner.

Sphere of action of aconite-

  • Heart- inhibitory paralysis
  • Circulation- vaso-motor paralysis
  • Cerebero-Spinal Nervous system- paralysis
  • Mucous membrane– inflammation and increased discharge from all the mucous membranes
  • Stomach- vomiting, congestion, neuralgia
  • Lungs- paralysis, congestion, inflammation

Prescribing & Guiding Symptoms of aconite-

  • Mind- there is presence of GREAT FEAR AND ANXIETY of mind with great nervous excitability in nearly all the complaints. Patient have fear of death in acute diseases. He predicts the date and hour when he will die. He also has fear of darkness, fear of ghost, fear of crowd where there is many people, fear of death during pregnancy. Because of anxiety always restless, moving here and there in bed, changes the position every movement. And for aconite patients the MUSIC IS UNBEARABLE makes her sad every time she listens.
  • Causative factor- exposure to cold air, draught of cold air, bad effects from checked perspiration, from fear, fright, any shock, injury etc.
  • Headache- intense pain felt in frontal region, with sensation as if nailed up, fullness and heaviness in forehead. The headache is cause by exposure to cold air , sudden checked perspiration, fear, fright. This pain becomes worse when in warm room and when lying on affected painful side. And the amelioration in pain in open air. With this pain there will be great mental anxiety, fear of death would be present.
  • Cough- caused by cold air, draught of cold air exposure. It would be sudden and violently. Cough would be dry, suffocating, choking sensation in throat with ringing and whistling sound. This cough would worse at evening, on expelling the air while respiration and feel relief in open air.
  • Menses- there is suppression or sudden checked menses in young girls and females from fear and fright, exposure to cold. While during pregnancy she will be very restless with fear of death during labor. The vagina would be hot, dry and the uterine Os would be contaracted and tender.
  • Dysentery & vomiting – both these would be cause by fear, fright, any shock, heat of sun , exposure to cold air. The complain would be sudden and violent with gripping and cutting pain in abdomen. Because of this there would be frequent desire for stool and vomiting. Complain would be worse at evening , at night and ameliorated in open air. Along with these above the presence of great anxiety and restlessness will be there always.
  • Heart- there will be great anxiety and palpitation of heart with strong pulse and thirst. Fear of death will be there with palpitation.
  • Skin- suitable in cases of fever where there is acute swelling or inflammation of local skin occur, skin would be red, hot and swollen with much pain along with presence of great anxiety and restlessness.
  • Fever- great remedy for fever which occurs after being exposed to dry cold air, checked perspiration, fear, fright and from any shock. Fever will come very suddenly and violently with high rise of temperature. Skin will be dry and hot, while face will be red or pale alternately. There will be burning thirst for large quantity of cold water during the fever is striking point for it. Intense nervous restlessness, always changes place in bed. The complain becomes worse towards evening and on going to sleep.

         Aggravation –  evening and night, in a warm room, when rising from bed, when lying on affected side.

         Amelioration- in open air.

Keynote symptoms of aconite-

  1. Suitable for FIRST STAGE of any acute case starts suddenly and violently.
  2. Mentally very restless in all complain, not remain in one place.
  3. Great fear and anxiety prevailing in all complaints.
  4. Unquenchable thirst of large quantity of cold water.
  5. Fever with dry and hot skin.
  6. Paralysis of any part after the exposure to dry cold wind.
  7. Symptoms worse at evening and night, relief from uncovering and in open air.
  8. Causative factor- exposure to cold air, draught of cold air, bad effects of sudden checked perspiration, fright and fear.

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