Acne- 8 Best Homeopathic Medicine, Causes, Types


Acne is like a nightmare for teenagers, as it occurs mainly in this age group. Those who suffer from this are in constant lack of confidence and in depression , hesitate to go out and meet people.
Androgen hormone that promotes sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum or oil during puberty age; hormonal changes during pregnancy, use of contraceptive pill will also promotes sebum production that worsen pimple.
Acne results from plugging of hair follicle with oil (secreted from sebaceous gland) and dead skin cells.


Types Of Acne

-Depending on size, shape and discharge it is of …

  1. White head – where pores of skin are plugged or clogged, they remain beneath the skin surface.
  2. Black head- when white head come near the skin surface and in contact with air , these are open pores.
  3. Papules- these are small elevated bumps.
  4. Pimple- these are papules filled with little pus at the centre.
  5. Nodule- these are large, hard, painful ,round pimple under the skin surface .
  6. Cystic acne- painful, much pus is there, indurate , hard under the skin. They are of large in size, where pimple get associated with each other and may form a bigger boil.


  • Pulsatilla- this medicine works best for girls at puberty time or during menstrual period. Pulsatilla will be helpful when acne get worse from eating rich fatty food and by heat and warmth. Constitutionally pulsatilla patient is very emotional and moody, feeling aggravation nearly in all complaints in closed room and better in open air.


  • Calcarea carbonicum- these constitutions are very chilly, easily become sick in cold weather, hand covered with cold perspiration, overweight, fatty and flabby in appearance and have great desire for potato, sweet and eggs, get easily and completely cured by this medicine.


  • Hepar-sulph- good for pustular pimple and which are very painful.
  • Belladona- when acne presented with great pulsating pain, redness, swelling and heat on touch without any discharge. The area around is inflamed.


  • Silicea- like hepar-sulph it also works best for pustular acne that are deep seated like hard cyst. Pimples occur mainly on forehead with excessive sweating. Sweat on feet are very acrid and corrosive with much offensive smell.


  • Bovista- when acne occurs or get worse on use of cosmetic and beauty product.
  • Psorinum- indicated where face is always oily. This when given for acne, reduces excess oil production of sebaceous glands and cure it. Here pimples get worsen from eating fatty food , sweets and chocolate.


  • Berberis Aquifolium- this is used greatly to reduce scars left after healing of acne and also for skin cleaning and gloweness of face.


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